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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Economist, June 13, 2009

The Economist, June 13, 2009
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Public debt: The biggest bill in history
The right and wrong ways to deal with the rich world's fiscal mess.

Gordon Brown stumbles on: Reprieved
The prime minister's survival is probably bad news for his party, but not necessarily for his country.

The worrying European elections: Trouble at the polls
Many of Europe's voters do not like the European Union. Most of the rest don't care. They should.

Deforestation and carbon credits: Seeing REDD in the Amazon
Saving rainforests needs both property rights and payments.

Wall Street and the taxpayer: Thanks, for nothing
Banks should be encouraged to pay back governments—but not to rewrite history.

Sri Lanka after the war: Victory's rotten fruits
The government's unpleasant triumphalism is sowing the seeds of renewed conflict.

Solar-powered manned flight: Flying for ever
A new solar-powered aircraft attempts to fly around the world with zero emissions.

A special report on the euro area
The euro area, sorely tested by the financial crisis, has survived intact and is likely to expand further.

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